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3 Signs That Indicate It’s Time to Remove Your Old Tree ASAP

3 Signs to Have Old Tree Removed

Even the best-maintained trees may have to come down at some point, and when that point comes for a tree that’s on your property, you’ll want to get it removed ASAP. After all, a decaying tree can pose some serious problems for you and your property:

  • A dead tree could fall over -- potentially onto your home
  • Wood-boring insects could infest your lawn
  • Your property value and curb appeal could suffer

So, if you find your Lowcountry home in need of a professional tree removal, you’ll need to act quickly to have it removed. Of course, to take action in the quickest manner, you need to learn the signs that tell you it’s time to get an old tree removed. What are those signs? Read on, and in this article, we’ll describe a few of the more common ones.

Fungi on Base of Trunk

As a tree begins the decaying process that ultimately causes it to die and become a hazard, it will begin to attract a number of parasitic growths. One obvious growth is fungi. Fungi will develop on the base of your tree trunk, and as unsightly as this growth will be, you will be thankful for it since it makes for a bold and unmistakable sign of tree decay.

Signs of Wear on the Trunk

Not all trees are likely to develop fungi growths as they begin to decay. That’s not a problem, though, as there’s a more consistent and equally obvious sign that can develop: wear on the trunk. You’ll know an old tree may need to go if you notice any of the following:

  • Chipped or missing bark
  • Cracks in the trunk
  • Cavities in the trunk

Dead or Hanging Branches

Your tree trunk isn’t the only part that’s bound to suffer as it begins to age and decay. For instance, its branches are also likely to suffer. Branch issues will manifest in the form of dead or hanging branches, so if you notice these signs, you need to have a tree care expert come in to assess whether that tree is ready to go.

Need a Tree Removed? Then Call Our Lowcountry Team Today!

You’ve examined a potential problem tree, and you’ve made the conclusion: It has to go. If you’ve determined that you’re for sure in need of a tree removal, you need to call Branching Out Tree Service at once. Our professional Lowcountry tree service company offers quick and dependable service that will remove your unwanted trees and the problems they present.

If you need tree trimming or pruning, please call 843-709-8601 or compete our online service request form.