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How Regular Trimming and Pruning Improve the Health of Your Trees

How Regular Trimming and Pruning Improve the Health of Your Trees

Pinopolis homeowners have a lot on their plates regarding home improvements and maintenance, so regular tree trimming and pruning can be forgotten easily. However, hiring a tree service company to trim and prune your trees occasionally is one of the most important maintenance tasks associated with homeownership. Trimming and pruning are often categorized together, but they are actually separate tasks. When you trim a tree, you remove overgrown branches, but when you prune a tree, you cut off loose, dead, or infected branches. Landscapers recommend that homeowners trim their trees when they are dormant and prune their trees whenever damage is spotted.

Promote Air Circulation

When trees are not trimmed and pruned regularly, their canopies become heavy and dense, harming the trees' health. Thick canopies don't permit sunlight to shine through, and they impede sufficient air circulation. A lack of air circulation contributes to the onslaught of decay and disease.

Protect Against Pests and Disease

Insect infestations can lead to disease in your trees, compromising their structural integrity. An infected trees will let the diseased portion die so that it can use its energy to protect the uninfected branches. If a segment of a tree has died, it should be pruned. Leaving damaged branches on your trees can increase the risk of insect and pest infestations in your home, falling branches, and fire. Hiring a tree service company to prune your trees will strengthen their root systems and branches so that they remain undamaged from extreme weather.

Increase Growth and Fruit Production

Young trees must be cared for regularly if you want them to grow properly. By having your tree service company trim and prune your young trees, the trees will develop sturdy root systems and a normal shape. By pruning trees when they are young, you will be able to prune them less as they age, and fruit production will increase.

Trimming and pruning are essential to your trees' structural integrity, fruit production, and overall health. If you require expert tree service, contact a trusted Pinopolis tree service company like Branching Out Tree Service.

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